With Recent Advances in Image Building Applications Creating Your Own Book Covers Has Become Easy.

But there are a few things you need to know about file types and sizes, image resolution and general design principles to make sure your covers look professional  ~

Download a FREE report on the bare minimum you need to know:

  • Choose images and fonts that are in line with your genre conventions so that your reader knows immediately where your book fits in and whether they are likely to enjoy it.

  • Ensure that your cover looks professional enough.

  • Understanding the technical stuff about book covers and images before you start.

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Tip: Follow the image and font style conventions for your genre

so that your reader knows immediately what sort of book it is and they can tell at a glance if it will be worth reading your book description.

Understand the technical terms used in image design before you start

such as image size, file size, aspect ratios and color modes as well as what file type to use when uploading to your chosen platforms.

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